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About Our Services

At Hawk Ridge Animal Hospital, we strive to offer the best in progressive, compassionate veterinary care. We offer a number of veterinary services to help keep the pets of Lake St Louis happy and healthy.

Wellness & Vaccines

Wellness Exams

We believe annual wellness care is imperative to keeping your pet happy and healthy! Your pet’s health is important and preventive care is necessary. We recommend wellness exams, keeping your pets on a vaccination schedule, and working with us on all facets of wellness care.

During your annual physical exam, your veterinarian fully examines your pet and discusses vaccinations and ongoing wellness. Just like you do wellness visits with your doctor, it’s important that your pet does the same. During these visits, our team will spend time examining your pet from nose to tail.

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Vaccines contain small quantities of modified or “killed” viruses, bacteria, or other disease-causing organisms. When administered, they stimulate your pet’s immune system to produce disease-fighting cells and proteins – or antibodies- to protect against such diseases. We will make recommendations for vaccine schedules specific to their age, species, and breed during your pet’s wellness exam.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition plays an important role in the life and health of an animal. Your pet’s nutritional needs can vary based on breed, energy levels, age, and lifestyle. We offer nutritional counseling to help you get the expert guidance you need to confidently answer any questions about your pet’s nutrition and weight.

Medical Services


Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed medical conditions in adult dogs and cats, and it’s something that can wreak havoc on the entire body. Hawk Ridge Animal Hospital wants to help your pet beat the odds and enjoy good oral health for life. We offer comprehensive professional pet dentistry services to meet all of your pet’s dental care needs.

Our dental care services include thorough examinations of the teeth and gums, where we will look for signs of plaque and tartar buildup. Then, we’ll conduct a comprehensive cleaning to remove any buildup and bring your pet’s teeth to a healthy shine. If we happen to notice signs of an existing dental health problem, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease, we’ll discuss with you the appropriate next step in addressing the problem.

Finally, we’ll work with you to show you how you can help your pet maintain good dental health in between vet visits. Through annual exams, professional cleanings, and daily brushing at home, we’ll successfully help your pet enjoy a happy, healthy smile and fresh breath for life!


There is nothing worse than watching your pet suffer from itchy or red skin. When they’re uncomfortable, we’ll be there to help them feel better.

We can often diagnose a skin problem by simply examining your pet. Some dermatologic diseases or conditions do require additional diagnostic procedures to ensure a correct diagnosis. Depending on your pet’s symptoms and our physical exam results, we may run blood work or perform a urinalysis, skin scraping, or biopsies.

Contact us if you notice your dog or cat scratching excessively or if he or she develops any bare patches, scabs, scaling, redness, inflammation, lumps, or bumps.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is an incredibly helpful aspect of veterinary medicine when it comes to diagnosing the internal medical conditions of your pet. With these tools, we can look at what is happening inside your pet.

X-rays provide valuable information about a pet’s bones, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart, and genitourinary system (bladder, prostate). We use radiology alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools. Interpretation of radiographs requires great skill on the part of the veterinarian.

Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging technique similar to radiography and is often used in conjunction with radiography and other diagnostics. It allows us to visualize specific organs very thoroughly in real-time, including the heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder, spleen, and intestines.

In-House Bloodwork

At Hawk Ridge Animal Hospital, we have the ability to run some bloodwork in our in-house laboratory. This state-of-the-art machine can return results in minutes, allowing us to begin treating your pet quickly. We often use our in-house lab to check your pet’s bloodwork before anesthesia to ensure no underlying issues may cause complications. We can also use this machine to diagnose or discover infection, decreased organ function, or electrolyte imbalances. For more advanced tests, we are able to send out bloodwork to a trusted reference laboratory.

Surgical Services

Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform many types of soft tissue surgeries at our clinic. Soft tissue surgeries are those that are not associated with bone. These surgeries can provide many benefits to pets.

Soft tissue surgeries can be routine elective procedures such as neuters and spays to much more complicated intra-abdominal surgeries. Our veterinary personnel administers a careful evaluation that determines whether or not your pet requires soft tissue surgery. We strive to make your pet’s procedure as safe and comfortable as possible before, during, and after the surgery. Our veterinarians use the safest and most effective anesthesia and analgesia during soft tissue surgery to manage your pet’s pain. We will closely monitor your pet’s vitals throughout the process.

Orthopedic Surgery

Hawk Ridge Animal Hospital offers general and elective orthopedic surgical services in our state-of-the-art facility. Orthopedic surgery is any procedure involving the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, and ligaments. Some common procedures we perform are:

  • Cruciate Ligament repairs – The gold standard, a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), among other options
  • Patella luxation repairs
  • Fracture repairs
  • Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO)
Laser Surgery

Surgical lasers have become a very important part of veterinary medicine. The advent of the surgical laser has improved the treatment of many disease states previously treated with a scalpel or electrosurgical unit. For surgery, lasers offer a number of advantages for pets, including:

  • Less bleeding
  • Less pain
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Faster recovery

The veterinary laser provides the surgeon with improved hemostasis while significantly reducing the pain and swelling due to its unique properties.

We can use the surgical laser for nearly all of our surgical procedures. Contact us today to learn more about our surgical laser and how it can benefit your pet.